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About Us

Who are we?

We are students from Canada who wish to help kids all around the world to expand their knowledge and learn more about the world. That's why we have created Pedia For The Media –– a website dedicated to student journalism.

Every article published is written by us, and managed by our teacher, Deborah. We want to use this site to share our writing, study tips as well as presentations. We hope you enjoy our content as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Our Team

Meet the people behind Pedia for the Media

Deborah W.


Deborah is a fourth-year university student and is a teacher on the side. She is extremely passionate about teaching, writing and reading.

Alina Y.


Alina is a student in the 6th grade. She loves music, reading non-fiction books and writing. During her free time, she enjoys pranking her sister.

Dora Y.


Dora is a 6th-grade student who loves reading and writing science fiction. She enjoys playing the piano in her free time.

Esther T.


Esther is a full time fifth grade student and figure skater. Writing is also one of her passions as it allows her to pour raw emotions into her characters.

Stephanie L.


Stephanie is a fifth-grade student who enjoys writing and digital drawing. She loves writing as it enables her to sculpt her ideas, memories, and knowledge into words.

Thomas H.


Thomas is an 11-year-old student who describes himself as a little too talkative. He dreams of becoming a successful author one day.